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Verified Sources was born of the obvious lack of clarity and confusing, often mistaken news coverage across the globe. Hard-working, honest journalists everywhere lamented the fact that so much of the reporting done throughout the maze of overlapping media that surrounds us today, was biased, politically and/or ideologically edited to suit the ideas and needs of those reporting it. Earlier this year, (2016) a group of journalists across the globe, realized the difficulties involved in separating truth from fiction during newscasts from all the different media outlets. Often this made it impossible for the average citizen to fully understand exactly what might be happening here at home, or five thousand miles away. We hope, by having set up Verified Sources not only as an honest news reporting website but as a news community that welcomes free membership and feedback along with the opportunity for all to contribute as they see fit to make Verified Sources grow and improve. Out of this and the many open discussions by many dedicated journalists, Verified Sources, http://verified, was formed. This American website carefully checks and verifies all the information that comes across its desk before any news is allowed to be published on our website. This site is open to all and we cordially invite you to join (free and without obligation) thus permitting you to join in discussions, submit newsworthy material and be a member of an honest and dedicated team. The form is simple and only takes a minute. promises to be a worthwhile addition to media outlets and we hope to continue bringing only the most important, unbiased and undoctored news to you daily.